Schlögl’s Altberliner Gaststätte

A short article about a traditional German restaurant named schlögl’s altberliner gaststätte located on East 3rd Street in New York. Historical account of the restaurant from 1906 till today with contact information and photos.

Franz Schloegl: Berliner Tempelhoferstraße and Wittenbergplatz
photos of austrian restaurant
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Schlögl’s Altberliner Gaststätte: Franz Schloegl
Franz Schlögl is undoubtedly one of Berlin’s most renowned restaurateurs. His Altberliner Gaststätte, located on the popular and lively Wittenbergplatz, has been a landmark in the city for over three decades. In this post, we’ll take a look at Franz Schloegl’s life and career in restaurant-ing, and present some photos of his famous Wittenbergplatz eatery. What makes a good blog? According to Franz Schloegl himself, “a blog needs to have a focus.” (1) If your blog engages with readers on an interesting and personal level, you’re well on your way to having a successful site. A good blog should also be informative and entertaining – and preferably both at the same time!
Best and worst blog demographics
While there is no definitive answer to this question, it seems that blogs that target specific demographics tend to do better than blogs that are open to everyone. For example, food blogs aimed at parents seem to do particularly well online, while humour blogs tend to be very popular. (2)
Marketing in traditional settings

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