Naunhof Gaststätte

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naunhof gaststätte, die position weiss
naunhof selbst und piemont
trendy with an indian spice

Die naunhof gaststätte ist ein tolles Restaurant. Die Position ist weiss, trendy und mit einer indianischen Note. Das Essen ist von allen Kritikern ganz positiv bewertet worden. Besonders zu empfehlen sind die Spaghetti Bolognese und das Rinderfilet mit Zitrone.

Naunhof is a cozy medieval town located in the heart of Piedmont region, an area known for its wine and cheese. The architecture of the town’s winding streets and old buildings, together with an atmosphere that feels both friendly and relaxed, make it a perfect place to stroll and enjoy a good meal.

Since the town’s inception over 800 years ago, it has been a center of trade and commerce. Today, Naunhof retains its traditional charm while still offering all the modern amenities – including a modern shopping district – that visitors and residents could desire. One of the town’s unique selling points is its position at the foot of the Monte Rosa mountain range. This provides stunning views of the Alps from many vantage points throughout the village.

The history of Naunhof gaststätte dates back to 1814 when Ferdinand von Rydingsfeld founded a small inn on the outskirts of the village. The current building – dating back to 1938 – was renovated in 1997 and has since become one of Naunhof’s most popular tourist destinations. The menu features traditional dishes from Piedmont region, including several items made with an Indian spice.

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