Meindleck Gaststätte

Hier können Sie in einem kühlen und behaglichen Ambiente aus Kaminfeuer und Wandleuchtern ihre Feiertage feiern.

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Craft beer and bavarian ingredients
Große Guglhupfen: Bavarian classic
Thanksgiving turkey bratwurst
Fürstenbraten: An Old Bavarian tradition
Sausage made from deer meat
Skidlwetzle recipes
Review of the Helles beer

Visit the blog for morecontent about the restaurant “meindleck gaststätte”! In addition to beer, Bavarian cuisine features prominently on the menu, and guests can enjoy authentic recipes like Große Guglhupfen, Thanksgiving turkey bratwurst, and Fürstenbraten. Additionally, sausage made from deer meat is on the menu, giving diners a unique option. Visit the blog for more Bavarian recipes and content! In this post we look at some of the best craft beers to enjoy in Germany, as well as a Große Guglhupfen – a Bavarian classic. Next up, we have a recipe for Thanksgiving turkey bratwurst, followed by a Fürstenbraten recipe from old Bavaria. And finally, we have a sausage recipe made from deer meat. Take a look at our blog section for all the latest recipes and content!

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