Gewerkschaft Nahrung Genuss Gaststätten

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gewerkschaft nahrung genuss gaststätten
A blog about the union of food and enjoyment
Das Blog ist ein Bericht über die Union von Essen und Unterhaltung
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Welcome to the blog section of gewerkschaft nahrung genuss gaststätten (NGG)!

The NGG is a union that represents workers in the food and beverage industry. We are dedicated to ensuring that our members have access to fair working conditions and pay.

This blog is a space for us to share news and updates about our work, as well as information about the industry more broadly. We hope that it will be a useful resource for both our members and those who are interested in the industry.

Thank you for visiting! Gewerkschaft Nahrung-Genuss represents the interests of around 2.8 million workers in Germany’s food and beverage industry.

The union is one of the largest in Germany with a significant impact on society and the economy. It negotiates wages, working hours and conditions for its members as well as campaigning on a range of political and social issues affecting the food and beverage sector.

The blog section of their website is a great place to learn more about the work of the union and the challenges faced by workers in the food and beverage industry. Recent posts include an overview of the union’s work on minimum wage negotiation, as well as a look at the campaign to end zero-hour contracts.

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