Gaststätte Schloss Linderhof

Schloss Linderhof’s history dates back nearly a millennium and seen many changes throughout that time. Converted into a spa hotel in 1905, Linderhof underwent extensive renovations not long ago.

History of Schloss Linderhof

Schloss Linderhof is an imposing Renaissance castle in the municipality of Gmund, in the Schleswig-Holstein county of Germany. The castle was built for Baron Ulrich von Wartenburg in 1599 and it served as his seat until his death in 1643. The land around the tower house had been part of a small estate belonging to the Strelitz family since at least the early 13th century. In 1259, Count Gerhard II of Strelitz granted Linderhof Castle and its surrounding estates to his friend, Hartmann von Brunnebeck, who built a motte-and-bailey castle on the site. In 1297, however, Brunnebeck lost possession of Linderhof as a result of marital disputes with Count Adolph I of Bentheim. In 1308, Emperor Henry VII granted Linderhof Castle to Siegfried I, Archbishop of Cologne. The following year, Siegfried bestowed it on his brother-in-law, Bernhard II of Saxony. Bernhard used Linderhof as his hunting lodge and residence until his death in 1318. After Bernhard’s death, Linderhof passed back into the hands of the


Linderhof, Schloss: Modern Luxury Dating back to 1284, the Linderhof Palace is a renowned tourist spot in Germany. The surrounding gardens and park are now a popular spot for weddings, photo shoots and other events. Inside, the palace retains much of its original charm with extravagant frescos and marble floors. Today, the castle houses a luxury 4-star hotel with award-winning restaurants. Location: Linderhof is located about 40 minutes from Vienna in the Austrian state of Carinthia. The gaststätte schloss linderhof is located in the center of Linderhof. The building was erected in 1751 and it originally served as a summer palace of the duke of Württemberg. Today, the gaststätte schloss linderhof offers various kinds of food and drinks.

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Opening Hours

The gaststätte Schloss Linderhof is open daily from 10am to 6pm. The Gaststätte Schloss Linderhof is open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 11pm, and on Sunday from 12 noon to 10pm.

Bottomless Brunch Jeder bekommt einen Happen Sharing (“Gib dir selbst einen Bissen”) Drink Prices: €4.70 for 2 litres

Bottomless Brunch is available at the Schloss Linderhof Restaurant. Guests can enjoy unlimited servings of various brunch items for €4.70 per person. Drink prices for bottomless brunch are also very affordable, with 2 litres of drink costing just €8. Bottomless Brunch at the Schloss Linderhof Everyone is given a share of the food (“Gib dir selbst einen Bissen”) Drink Prices: €4.70 for 2 litres