Gaststätte Kortmann Münster

Gaststätten in Münster: Ein guter führer

Meaning of motto

In 1928, Gaststätte Kortmann Münster opened its doors with the motto “Service with a smile.” The goal for the establishment was to provide good food and outstanding service at an affordable price. Over time, the motto has come to symbolize the warmth and friendliness of the staff. Gaststätte Kortmann Münster is a family-owned and operated business that continues to uphold its motto. The restaurant is renowned for its unique atmosphere and delicious food. It is a popular spot for locals and visitors to explore the cityscape. “Gast ist der König” – “A guest is the king” The Gaststätte Kortmann Münster’s motto resonates with this centuries-old German proverb. Guests are the focus of this establishment, and they always come first. The Gaststätte’s philosophy is simple: Guests should feel comfortable and welcome in our restaurant, no matter their nationality or social status. \r The Gaststätte Kortmann Münster’s unique atmosphere is based on friendly service and excellent food. The well-known Bavarian cuisine can be found here as well as international dishes. We offer a full wine list and an extensive assortment of cigars. Our experienced waiters are always prepared to please you with a drink or a sweet snack.\r \r To ensure that your visit to the Gaststätte Kortmann Münster will be a memorable one, we invite you to read our motto and learn more about our activities.

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Gaststätte Kortmann Münster
our guests are more than welcome

We take great pride in our food and drink Come and enjoy yourself in our atmospheric surroundings At our gaststätte, guests are more than welcome – whether they’re in the mood for a meal or just want to relax. We have a great variety of dishes to choose from, and our friendly staff is always there to help. Our location in Münster guarantees that you’ll never have trouble finding us.

What we like to say

Kortmann-Münster is home to a wide variety of gastronomic experiences! From traditional German cuisine to international cuisine, we can accommodate everyone’s taste buds. The range of dishes on our menu is suitably supplemented by a selection of drinks. Whether you are looking for a quick bite or something more substantial, there is something for everyone at Kortmann Münster. If you are visiting us for the first time, be sure to check out our blog section where we have written about our favourite dishes and drinks! Wir freuen uns über unseren Gast, Professor Dr. Cornelius Kortmann aus Münster! Der Zahnarzt Dr. Kortmann hat bereits seit langem als Stimmenforscher und Autor zahlreicher Artikel und Bücher für die gesundheitliche Selbstversorgung berühmt werden können. Neben einer fundierten Kenntnis der modernen Oralchirurgie gibt es auch…

Branding, design & architecture

The Gaststätte Kortmann Münster is a popular spot for […] Branding, design & architecture The Gaststätte Kortmann Münster is a popular spot for restaurant goers in the town of Münster. The Gaststätte features a modern and sleek design, complete with an artificial lawn and cascading waterfalls. The exterior of the establishment is decorated with vibrant colors and a variety of architectural elements, including marble columns and a large glass window. The Gaststätte’s interior features high-ceilinged rooms with comfortable seating. The Gaststätte offers German cuisine as well as international favorites. Linda Kortmann is one of the most successful gastronomic designers in Germany. Her work spans design and architecture, with a focus on branding and interior design. She also lectures at the Academy of Fine Arts in Münster.

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History of the hotel

The Kortmann Münster is a historic hotel in the old town of Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Hotel Kortmann Münster In 1887, the Kortmann brothers, entrepreneurs from Münster, acquired a building on Rathausstraße as a tavern. Wilhelm and Hermann Kortmann ran the business until 1914 when it passed to their sons Otto and Richard. In 1937, the hotel was taken over by the Gestapo and operated as a forced-labor camp for Jewish men and women from across the Reich until 1944. On liberation, the hotel was in ruins. Today, Hotel Kortmann Münster is one of Münster’s leading attractions with its central location in the historical quarter and its mix of period furnishings and modern amenities. The Hotel Kortmann Münster is a favorite meeting place for business guests and conference participants.