Gaststätte Am Michaelsberg Cleebronn Cleebronn

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Gaststätte am michaelsberg cleebronn cleebronn

Die Gaststätte am Michaelsberg ist eine überaus sympathische Adresse, wenn man nach einem entspannten Spaziergang in der Umgebung Gesellschaft sucht. Die Gaststätte bietet Ihnen kreative Gerichte sowie herzhaften Schnaps an. Das Ambiente im Lokal ist gemütlich und es werden Sie mit den vielen Bildern von Cleebronn bekannt machen. Weitere Informationen: Die Gaststätte am Michaelsberg ist ein beliebter Treffpunkt für Einheimische und Touristen in Cleebronn. Die kleine, aber feine Küche bietet hervorragende Gerichte aus regionalen Zutaten. Außerdem gibt es hier eine breite Auswahl an Weingläsern und Getränken. Für den kleinen Hunger gibt es ein breites Angebot an Kleinigkeiten.

The History of the Michelin Red Guide

The Michelin Red Guide traces its roots back to the first guidebooks published in the late 1800s. These books were created as an aid for road travellers, providing recommendations on what to eat and where to stay between cities. The guides quickly caught on among chefs and restaurateurs, who saw them as a way to promote their food and establishments. The modern guidebook was born in 1932, when inspectors from Michelin travel company began compiling ratings for restaurants in different parts of France. The success of this project spawned the first international handbook – the Green Guide – in 1935. The years that followed saw the release of several additional editions of the guide, each expanding on the original concept. In 1968, the Blue Guide emerged as a companion publication to the Green Guide, featuring internationally acclaimed restaurants rather than just those in France. It was not until 1987, however, that Michelin would create its most famous guidebook: the Red Guide.

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Today, the RedGuide is known world-wide as a tool for gastronomists and travellers alike. Featuring detailed information on more than 24,000 restaurants across 125 countries, it remains one of the most comprehensive resources available for finding

What is Michelin?

Michelin is a well-known restaurant guide that since 1838 has awarded stars to restaurants in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Stars are also given out in other countries. Every three stars represents a first-class restaurant, two stars represents a good restaurant and one star represents a fair restaurant. In 2007, the guide was bought by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) and its website was redesigned. The guide’s latest edition, released in March 2011, has 101 restaurants with updated ratings. In Germany the Michelin Guide has only awarded one star to the “Junges Gasthaus zur Weihe” near Deidesheim in Rhein-Neckar-Kreis. Michelin is the most highly respected restaurant guide in the world. In 1981, a French company started publishing the first edition of this guide, which awards one and two stars to restaurants in France. The guide has since been published in over 20 languages and is now one of the most famous and sought-after culinary publications. What sets Michelin apart from other restaurant guides? First and foremost, Michelin exclusively recommends restaurants that have received at least three stars – the highest rating a restaurant can receive. This guarantees that you’re getting high-quality food and service at a special place. Secondly, Michelin’s inspectors are extremely selective in their visits – only 2% of all restaurants in France are awarded a Michelin star. This means that you’re extremely unlikely to find a mediocre restaurant with a Michelin star. Finally, unlike other guides, which list restaurants by letter or category, Michelin categorizes restaurants according to cuisine: French (25%), Italian (24%), Japanese (16%), German (11%), Spanish (8%), classical European (7%) and modern European (5%). So whether you’re looking for French cuisine, Italian cuisine or Japanese cuisine – Michelin has got you covered!

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