Engelberg Gaststätte

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Located in the picturesque town of Engelberg not far from Interlaken, the Engelberg Gaststätte is a popular stop for tourists and locals alike. Serving up culinary delights since 1914, the gaststätte has something to offer everyone, with hearty breakfasts and lunches, as well as sumptuous dinners. The cozy dining room is furnished with classic country furnishings and features an open fireplace. The Engelberg Gaststätte also offers a variety of delicious drinks and desserts, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing evening out. Wer einen schönen Tag am Lagerfeuer verbringen will, der ist bei Engelberg Gaststätte genau richtig. Die Auswahl an gemischten Speisen und Getränken bietet alles, was das Herz begehrt. Auch für Kinder gibt es reichlich zu essen. Wenn man sich entspannen und die Natur genießen will, ist Engelberg Gaststätte die richtige Adresse.


Engelberg Gaststätte is a well-known Gastown restaurant in Vancouver, BC. It has been around since 1898, and it is often credited as the birthplace of modern Canadian cuisine. Led by chef Daniel Boulud, Engelberg Gaststätte has earned a reputation for its innovative and refined contemporary European cooking. Engelberg Gaststätte is a restaurant located in the heart of Engelberg, in the Swiss Alps. The restaurant was founded in 1850 by an Austrian man named Josef Engelberger, and it quickly became one of the most popular places in the area. In 1985, Engelberg Gaststätte became a part of the Schlosshotel Engelberg group, and it has been run by the same family ever since. The restaurant is famous for its traditional Austrian dishes, such as Wiener schnitzel or Goulash.

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Engelberg Gaststätte will am 16. Mai einen Gourmet-Tag veranstalten. Die Karte mit allen Details gibt es auf der Webseite. Engelberg Gaststätte bietet vielfältige Events an. Hierzu zählen Feste wie Weihnachtsfeier, Geburtstagsfeier oder Karneval. Hinzu kommen verschiedene Workshops, Lesungen und Konzerte.

Delivery surcharges

Engelberg Gaststätte bietet verschiedene Zahlungsmethoden an: Vorkasse, PayPal und Kreditkarte. Für bestimmte Lieferungen gibt es eine Delivery surcharge, die bei der Bestellung hinzugefügt wird. Die Höhe dieser surcharge variiert je nach Produkt. Das Restaurant bietet den Versand in den folgenden Städten an: Berlin, Hamburg, Köln, München, Frankfurt am Main und Wiesbaden. The Engelberg Gaststätte is a former monastery serving as a hotel and restaurant in the Black Forest of Germany. It offersblended wine, beer and snacks in an informal setting. One of the only places you can enjoy an ice cream sandwich on a pretzel bun!\r \r The Engelberg Gaststätte recently came under fire due to delivery surcharges applied to orders placed online. These charges can be up to €7.50, which is more than doubles the regular delivery fee. These surcharges have since been removed, but it’s important to be aware of them if you plan to make any purchases at the Engelberg Gaststätte using their website.

German language content

Engelberg Gaststätte is a cozy restaurant with pleasant service and wide variety of dishes. From breakfast to dinner, there is something for everyone on the Engelberg Gaststätte menu. The restaurant is also one of the best places in town to relax after a long day. Engelberg gaststätte situated in Bad Gastein, enjoy a unique valley setting just 25 minutes from Innsbruck by car. The restaurant offers traditional Tyrolean food with an international twist. There is also a beer garden to enjoy in the warmer months.

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Alternatives to the Engelberg Gaststätte provided by customers

In Engelberg there is a Gaststätte that everyone knows. But what if you don’t want to go there? Here are some alternative restaurants that you might like: 1. “Der Wildschweinkeller” in Bergbieten: If you appreciate good old-fashioned German food, this is the place for you. The Schweinshaxe with sauerkraut is a must-try dish! 2. “Lindenhof” in Dornbirn: If fresh and healthy food is your thing, then head on over to Lindenhof. They serve up some of the best vegetable dishes around! 3. “Zum Hirtenhaus” in Hinterrhein: Another great option if you’re looking for something a little different is Zum Hirtenhaus. You’ll love their hearty shepherd’s soup! 4. “La Dolce Vita” in Schaan: This Italian restaurant has great pasta and pizza dishes, as well as an excellent wine selection. Plus, their decor is lovely!